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The company Mössler Draht GmbH was founded in 1955 by Josef Mössler. At that time we produced grilles, handrails, metal-constructions and several machines for use in the construction branche. In the early 1960s, we started serial productions, for example equipment for public playgrounds and benches for parks. Since 1982 we have been producing filter support cages for dedusting constructions. Sebastian Stroitz became the successor of the company together with his wife Gundula Stroitz (born Mössler) in 1993. Sebastian Stroitz retired in 2011 and his wife succeeded him as CEO of the company. We are proud of the fact, that our company is a family business and with the accession of the granddaughter of Josef Mössler, the succeed in family is regulated.
Oswaldiweg 1 - Töbring A -9521 TREFFEN
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